All curriculum is delivered in an environment where the welfare of each student is paramount. Every student is given the opportunity to experience success and achieve potential.
The teaching and learning environment caters for and promotes the different learning styles and abilities found in the classroom and beyond.
Co-operation with Sacred Heart College enables co-instruction for boys and girls, offering a wider choice of learning opportunities at the VCE. 
Literacy and numeracy are key focuses for all year levels, ensuring students are well-equipped to achieve their best possible outcomes
Our aim is to provide a secure, caring learning environment where all students are given the opportunity to develop their God-given talents to their highest level in order to lead informed and meaningful lives considerate of the needs of others. It is through the development of the whole person - the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social dimensions - that this potential can be best realised.

Year 7 - Curriculum overview

Year 7 Core Subjects     
Subjects run for 1 Semester (half year)

Religious Education
Language: Chinese or Italian   
Physical Education
Art & Design
Digital Technology
Food Technology

Year 8 - Curriculum overview

Students in Year 8 will continue to experience a range of subjects from each of the Curriculum Domains, building on the Year 7 program. Students will undertake 7 core subjects, as well as having the opportunity to select subjects of their own choice from The Arts and Technology areas.

Subjects studied in Year 8 are
  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Physical Education Practical plus one semester of Health (Healthy Living)
  • LOTE - Chinese or Italian
  • The Arts
  • Technology

Year 9 Curriculum overview

The core curriculum in Year 9 will focus on the four facets of the Year 9 model (My Self, My Community, My World and My Future) and will continue to develop, extend and apply acquired skills and knowledge to real life contexts and issues. The core subjects will provide the opportunity for students to develop hypotheses, test solutions, explore diverse opinions, self-reflect and become truly engaged in the learning process.

Core Subjects:

THINK - English & Humanities
INVESTIGATE - Maths & Science
Physical Activity for Health Lifestyles (PAHL)
Religious Education
The Rite Journey - relationship with self, others, God and the world


Students will have choice in selecting one Challenge subject each Semester and one Enrichment subject each Semester except with LOTE which needs to be a year long study. A Language study will take up one Challenge choice and one Enrichment choice. 
Students choose electives that not only spark an interest but also provide an opportunity to challenge and motivate. Students are strongly encouraged to choose electives that are from different key curriculum areas.

Year 10 Curriculum Overview

Year 10 students have the opportunity to build an individual pathway into their senior years of schooling. Within the Year 10 program, students are able to undertake work experience, community
service and many extra-curricular activities. As well as a strong and varied Year 10 program, students can apply to undertake a specialist Vocational Education and Training (VET) subject and/or a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subject.
Subjects studied as core subjects in Year 10 are:

  •  Religious Education
  •  English
  •  Mathematics
  •  Physical Education Practical

Students can select 4 elective subjects each Semester in addition to the Core subjects.

Senior Years Curriculum

In the senior years, students choose from a wide variety of units, some offered at St Joseph’s College and others at  Sacred Heart College. The vast majority of students will be choosing a pathway to undertake the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and some will include a Vocational Education & Training (VET) component in their studies. Senior students also can work towards completing the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) for those whose needs are not met by the VCE option. The Joseph Innovation Trade Training Centre facilitates certificate courses  in Allied Health,Furniture Making and Building and Construction. Other VET courses are conducted offsite. Further information about VET subjects can be found in the Senior Years Handbook.

PAM - Parent Access Module

PAM provides parents with a single login access to current information about their son/s currently at the College. PAM allows access to:

  • Timetable; Number of behavioural incidents; Attendance
  • Marks and comments for assessment items and homework items including due dates and overdue work
  • Mid-Semester and End-Semester reports

Parents also have access to: 

  • Daily notices for students; Up-coming events; Music lessons and notices; Sports results; Presentations for parents from information evenings; A range of links from our Intranet

How to use the Parent Access Module How to use the Parent Access Module (761 KB)

Pastoral Care and Personal Development

Personal development includes education in living skills and study skills, understanding personal relationships and learning about body function, sexuality, drug education and health and nutrition. These are taught across the curriculum with different subjects being responsible for various aspects of the program.

Personal development opportunities are also provided at each Year Level. These include Camps, special excursions, renewals and retreats, visiting speakers and social occasions.

Pastoral Care is provided as an integral part of all aspects of school life, including a teacher's approach in the classroom. In particular:

  • all classes have a Class Teacher who is concerned with their overall welfare
  • Student Counsellors are available for those students with on-going or more acute problems
  • a School Chaplain is also available to assist students in times of need.

Religious Education

RE is an integral part of school life. Whilst it permeates all aspects of the Curriculum, RE also comprises part of the core curriculum for all year levels.

Gospel Values

Gospel values are intended to permeate the curriculum. They should be used in conscious and varied ways so that they are reflected in both content and methodology of the courses offered. They include: justice, freedom, compassion, respect for self and others, particular respect for the marginalised, honesty and love.


Assessment is designed to be relevant to the needs of students and to enhance the growth of each student. It is regular and involves a range of strategies, including examinations as appropriate. Reports to parents are issued each Term, Interim Reports which briefly indicate progress are sent home at the end of term 1 and the end of Term 3. Full Unit Reports are sent home at the end of term 3 and the end of Term 4. The reports indicate the level of achievement in relation to VELS or VCE outcomes, the quality of Assessment Tasks and the nature of student attitudes and behaviours. Teacher comments attempt to highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of student performance and offer ways that these can be enhanced or overcome.

Assessment and Reporting Policy Assessment and Reporting Policy (102 KB)

Extra-curricular activities

Students may participate in various cultural, academic, sporting and leisure activities. These include: choir, bands, stage performance, debating, public speaking, various academic competitions, football, cricket, athletics, tennis, basketball, golf, cross-country running, badminton, cycling, surfing and chess.