Our History

Continuing in the tradition of Edmund Rice...

Edmund Rice of Waterford, Ireland founded the congregation of Christian Brothers in 1802 for the Christian education of poor boys. His example was an inspiration to others and for more than two centuries many have been attracted by his vision and generosity.

The Mission continues today on all five continents through the ministry of the Christian Brothers and laity called to serve in this vocation of Catholic Education. St Joseph’s College Geelong was founded in 1935 by the Christian Brothers, providing a comprehensive education for boys within the Geelong Region.

The College’s motto ‘Ad Alta Virtute’ translates as ‘Strive for the Highest’ reminding us that we are born for higher things - testimony to which is found in the life of St Joseph, our patron Saint.

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Yearbook Archive

A glimpse at the past, click on the cover to have a read of some of our archived Yearbooks - you never know, you may see a familiar face!

Content Warning

Publishing archived Yearbooks can be hugely beneficial to maintain a historic connection within our community, however the College is also aware that some material within these publications could possibly be confronting to some past students. 

These Yearbooks contain copies of articles that may have been written many years ago. These can often include terms which are unacceptable today. They may also contain references to, or images of, Aboriginal people who have died.

Sometimes words or images can cause sadness or distress, or trigger traumatic memories for people, particularly survivors of past abuse, violence or childhood trauma.
For some people, these responses can be overwhelming. If you need to talk to someone, support is available.

Lifeline: Call 13 11 14 anytime for confidential telephone crisis support.
Beyond Blue: Call 1300 22 4636 anytime. 
St Joseph’s College also welcomes any past student in need of support to contact
Principal Mr Tony Paatsch on 5226 8117 or email Tony.paatsch@sjc.vic.edu.au

St Joseph's Yearbook 1935

St Joseph's Yearbook 1936

St Joseph's Yearbook 1937

The Josian Yearbook 1935 - 1945

The Josian Yearbook 1944

Virtus Yearbook May 1948

Virtus Yearbook August 1948

Virtus Yearbook December 1948

Virtus Yearbook May 1949

Virtus Yearbook December 1949

Virtus Yearbook August 1950

Virtus Yearbook May 1950

Virtus Yearbook December 1951

Virtus Yearbook May 1951

Virtus Yearbook December 1952

Virtus Yearbook August 1952

Virtus Yearbook December 1953

St Joseph's Yearbook December 1954

Virtus Yearbook December 1955

Virtus Yearbook 1956

Virtus Yearbook 1957

The Josian Yearbook 1958

Virtus Yearbook 1959

Virtus Yearbook December 1960

Virtus Yearbook 1961

Virtus Yearbook 1962

Virtus Yearbook 1963

Virtus Yearbook 1964

Virtus Yearbook 1966

Virtus Yearbook 1967

Virtus Yearbook 1968

Virtus Yearbook 1969

Virtus Yearbook 1970

Virtus Yearbook 1971

Virtus Yearbook 1972

Virtus Yearbook 1973

Virtus Yearbook 1974

Virtus Yearbook 1975

Virtus Yearbook 1976

Virtus Yearbook 1977

Virtus Yearbook 1978

Virtus Yearbook 1979

Virtus Yearbook 1980

Virtus Yearbook 1981

Virtus Yearbook 1982

Virtus Yearbook 1983

Virtus Yearbook 1984

Virtus Yearbook 1985

Virtus Yearbook 2007

Virtus Yearbook 2008

Virtus Yearbook 2009

Virtus Yearbook 2010

Virtus Yearbook 2011

Virtus Yearbook 2012

Our College Chapel

The Chapel has been the spiritual home of St Joseph's College right from its beginning. Read more about our College Chapel and the meaning behind the stained glass windows in the booklet below: 

Past SJC Principals

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Ad Alta Magazine

Click below to read through some of the past editions of the Ad Alta Magazine. This is the magazine for produced annually for past students of St Joseph's College Geelong.