Our staff are expert in boys’ education and our curriculum and pastoral care programs are designed to meet the very specific needs of young men, whilst seeking to challenge common stereotypes and prejudices. We believe that in a single-sex learning environment, boys are less susceptible to social pressures and may confidently develop their own identity, explore their masculinity and take on leadership roles.

Providing meaningful direction for boys’ energy requires specialist understanding and tolerance. We are fortunate to have first class sporting facilities on site. Other curriculum opportunities such as camps and outdoor education programs are also tailored towards boys.

St Joseph’s College caters for all young men irrespective of their academic ability. We have a proud tradition of students achieving excellent VCE results. Our VCAL, VET in Schools and School Based Apprenticeship programs provide similar results for those interested in pursuing apprenticeships and traineeships.

Teaching and learning at St Joseph’s is focussed on the pursuit of excellence. Striving for academic achievement has a strong emphasis, and is promoted via a rich array of programs and support activities. Literacy and numeracy are prominent at all year levels. All courses and their delivery challenge students to reach their highest possible achievement.

During Years 11 and 12, students from Clonard College and Sacred Heart College attend some classes at St Joseph’s and vice versa, providing students with a very wide subject selection during senior years.

Why Choose A Boys School?

Learning can mean far more than academic achievement. Our Staff are experienced at helping guide boys through the many challenges and choices that arise as they grow as men.

When students begin their journey at St Joseph’s College they quickly discover that there is more to being a student at St Joseph’s than just showing up for classes each day.  We believe all our students, past and present, should have a sense of pride in being a part of our community.  

St Joseph’s students are continuing a long history of young boys developing into young men. Some students continue their journey long after having graduated, with values and friendships that originated at St Joseph’s lasting a lifetime.
St Joseph’s College focusses on the development of the whole person - spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic.  All people are unique and worthy of respect.  We recognise the individual gifts of all students and our College welcomes all those who seek Catholic education regardless of social and economic status or ability. We emphasise participation and involvement of all members of the College community; students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Moved by the story of Edmund Rice, and inspired by the gospel values of love and justice, we encourage one another to “strive for the highest” (Ad Alta Virtute).

We are committed to education that encourages students to develop and use talents, to respect and show compassion towards others, to embrace innovation, to help develop abilities and teach Christian ethics as the basis of acting with integrity.

We seek to equip boys with the knowledge, integrity and sense of self that will help them develop into fine men who contribute to the world in their own unique way. We uphold the model of life long learning and hope that each boy leaves St Joseph’s with confidence and motivation to keep reaching for new horizons.

Every Student Is Given the Opportunity for Success

We provide the opportunity for all students to participate in a broad, innovative and well balanced curriculum, based on the Key Learning Areas: Religious Education,  The Arts - Design, Creative and Performing, English, Health and Physical Education, Languages - Italian and Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Business Studies, Humanities, Food Technology, Information, Materials and Systems.

Year 7 students are assisted in the transition to secondary school by maintaining stable class groups throughout the year for all subjects. Our Pastoral Care program includes group activities, a camp and the Peer Support Program where Year 10s help the younger boys to settle in. This allows Year 7 students to develop confidence in their new school and provides an understanding of their subject options in following years.

Students in Year 8 will continue to experience a range of subjects from each of the Curriculum Domains, building on from the Year 7 program. Students will undertake 7 core subjects as well as have the opportunity to select subjects of their own choice from The Arts and Technology curriculum domains. 

The journey of the Year 9 students continues at our Westcourt Campus where boys participate in an inclusive and innovative curriculum. Based on research and discussion with other schools, we are confident that the boys’ transition back to Senior School will be enhanced by the increased confidence and awareness gained from their sense of belonging to the year level and of the gifts they bring to the group.

Year 10 students have the opportunity to build an individual pathway into their senior years of schooling. Within the Year 10 program, students are able to undertake work experience, community service and many extra-curricular activities. As well as a strong and varied Year 10 program, students can apply to undertake a specialist Vocational Education and Training (VET) subject and/or a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subject

A diverse range of VCE units is offered at either St Joseph’s College, Sacred Heart College or Clonard College. Curriculum is also enhanced and career opportunities broadened with a variety of  Vocational Educational and Training (VET) units that can be completed in conjunction with schools or with the Gordon Institute of TAFE. Students also have the option to enrol in the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) or to complete School Based Apprenticeships. The addition of the Joseph Innovation Trade Training Centre has widened learning opportunities for students in their senior Years at SJC.