Student Transport


Students who ride bicycles to school must use the bike racks near the VCE building and are required to provide their own lock. As required by law, all bike riders must wear an approved safety helmet. Students riding bicycles are not required to wear their blazer while riding, but are required to bring it to school in Terms 2 and 3.


Students travelling by car should be dropped off and collected from near the Queens Road entrance. Please note that council regulations do not permit cars stopping on the school crossing or in areas where there are marked yellow lines - if you stop your car to allow passengers to exit or enter the vehicle, you are considered parked - and can be fined accordingly.  Council Officers regularly patrol the area. To avoid fines and for the safety of our students, we recommend you follow simple common sense, if you would not park a car in a particular place, then you shouldn't stop there to pick up or drop off students. 

General Information - Student Travel

Travel on public transport or contract bus is available for students from most Geelong suburbs and surrounding districts.  The cost of transport and eligibility for conveyance allowance are governed by the student’s place of residence.

Travel and Public Behaviour

Responsible behaviour is expected of students at all times. This is particularly important when travelling to and from school on buses.  The travelling public and fellow students are to be treated with respect. Failure to meet these expectations may result in the loss of the right to travel on the bus and / or some other appropriate disciplinary action.
Students are to follow directions given by staff supervising the bus set down. 
Appropriate behaviour and correct uniform are also expected of students walking to and from school or travelling by other means of transport. This also applies when students are in a public place e.g. supermarkets / shopping centres.  We require parent support in this, as the College is judged by the way students appear and behave in public.  

Bus Information - Conveyance Allowance

The Conveyance Allowance is a form of financial assistance for parents/carers to transport children to and from school. The conveyance allowance is available to eligible students travelling by public or private bus.

Eligibility criteria:
Student resides 4.8km or further from their school (refer BING MAPS website)
Student is attending their nearest school (all boys Catholic College)


Students travelling from Bellarine and Surf Coast areas are fully subsidised and are required to complete and submit to the College, a Public Transport Travel Student Conveyance Allowance application form in order to receive a bus pass from McHarry’s Buslines. 
Bus Passes are issued and posted to you by McHarry’s Buslines.
For details of bus routes and timetables please contact: McHarry’s Buslines

Conveyance Form - Coastal Conveyance Form - Coastal (447 KB)


Students travelling from Anakie, Anglesea, Bambra, Bannockburn, Barrabool, Batesford, Bellbrae, Bells Beach, Buckley, Ceres ,Deans Marsh, Fairhaven, Freshwater Creek, Gheringhap, Gnarwarre, Inverleigh, Lethbridge, Little River, Lorne, Maude, Meredith, Moorabool, Moriac, Mt Moriac, Shelford, Stonehaven, Teesedale, Winchelsea, Wingeel are required to complete an Application for Permission to Travel form and submit back to the College.
Bus Passes are not issued for this travel.

Information regarding Country bus routes and times will be provided directly to parents from the Regional BusCoordinator: 


Students travelling from suburban areas of Geelong 4.8km or further from St Joseph’s College (refer BING MAPS website) may be eligible to claim a conveyance allowance refund from the Department of Education and are required to complete the following forms:

1.Complete the Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card and Student Pass Application form, along with 2 passport photographs.

2.This form needs to be validated at College reception and taken to V/Line or PTV Hub for the purchase of your half yearly or yearly pass.

3. A copy of the MYKI receipt and the Student Conveyance Application must be submitted to the College before a claim can be made.  Funds received will be reimbursed to you via your school fee account.  Please note claims cannot be made for ‘top up MYKI’.


If your son will be travelling on the bus to school, you can purchase a yearly or half yearly MYKI and complete and purchase a “Public Transport Student Concession”, as explained above. Cost of the Yearly MYKI for GTS (Geelong Transit System) travel is approximately $450.  Unfortunately there is no reimbursement available for travellers who reside within 4.8kms.

Alternatively, you may obtain a MYKI card and load money onto this card as needed. If your son is 17 years or over you may also need to complete and purchase a “Public Transport Student Concession”, in order for him to travel at a concession rate.

Bus Travel FAQ

Click on the link below to read some of the more common questions relating to bus travel. 

Bus Travel FAQ Bus Travel FAQ (47 KB)

Need More Information?

McHarry’s Buslines- 5223 2111
CDC Geelong (formerly Benders Buslines) phone 5240 5000      
Regional Bus -
Conveyance 5226 8111

Change of Address

If there is a change of address during enrolment, please notify the College and complete the relevant Public Transport Travel Student Conveyance Allowance Application Form with current address details.

*Please note this information is a guide only.