Gifting Options

The College Bursary Program

Bursaries support students in need by providing books, uniform and fee assistance. 

Education Support

Provides resources for educational support students such as specialised teaching aids and interactive tools.

Paul Tobias Needs Based Scholarship 

Named after past Principal Mr Paul Tobias. Paul was a strong advocate that as an Edmund Rice School, St Joseph's should be available as a place of education for any student.  The needs based scholarship assists in a variety of ways to provide individual students with opportunities that may otherwise be financially unobtainable. 

Heritage Centre

Aims to preserve and showcase our School’s heritage and history. The Heritage Centre operates on Shannon Avenue and has an increasing heritage display and archive. 

Br Stan (Mark) McCabe Bursary

Providing assistance to disadvantaged students. Br McCabe was an enthusiastic and positive influence on so many students, many of which were struggling with post war hardship.  He was also a great role model. We would like to continue to spread a positive influence on students who may be struggling with the support of this Bursary named in Br McCabe's honour. 

Buildings & Building Maintenance Fund 

Administered by the Foundation and builds capital for major projects.

College Pledge Fund

Contributions are retained in a permanent fund and directed to the needs of the College when required. 

Library Fund

Enable the purchase of educational resources.

College Foundation Membership

By giving a gift of $1000 or more, you will qualify to become a member of the College Foundation. This can be a single gift, or pledged over two years.