Gifting is an opportunity for all of us within the St Joseph’s Community to demonstrate our strong commitment to our boys and show how we value a St Joseph’s education. 

Every gift, no matter the size, has a positive influence on our learning environment. It gives every boy the opportunity to fulfill his personal potential, benefiting from the College’s staff, learning environment and programs to “Strive for the Highest”. 

Giving a gift will have a direct and immediate impact on the students of St Joseph’s College. 


"The St Joseph’s College Foundation provides opportunities for all of us. 
It gives an opportunity for us to help in a way that is as personal as we need, 
or as broad and far reaching as we wish.

 With our continued commitment, the Foundation will give many students the opportunity
to join the St Joseph’s family, and benefit from a first class St Joseph's education.”

- Steve Beggs, Foundation Member & College Alumni 2000